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Benefits Of Having A Portable Ice Maker

A portable ice maker is a trend to kitchen appliance nowadays. Some following benefits will prove why portable ice makers are so popular to everybody:

1. Convenience:

If you like to entertain yourself and others at parties and events, if your house has a family bar or even if you already own or you are intending to open a café or a beverage store, a portable ice maker is really convenient for you. You can have ice whenever you are with a portable ice marker. With compact design, you can take it easily with you and then enjoy a cool drink at a BBQ outdoor or at a picnic by the riverside. All what you have to do is to plug the ice maker in and pour water into the reservoir to start the cycle.

2. Availability:

You will have a huge amount of ice in shortest time available. A batch of ice usually takes you six minutes to fifteen minutes instead of 75 minutes to two hours if you use a refrigerator. That means you can save 95% of time consuming when using a portable ice maker instead of using a refrigerator. One important point you need to remember is that the already made ice will be in the state of gradual melting, so you had better keep the ice in the freezer to use later.

3. Freshness:

The ice made in the refrigerator is usually loaded with other foods like meat, fish, shrimp and so on. The other foods are, of course, put in containers with covers; but the odor of food to ice seems unavoidable. A portable ice maker will be an excellent solution and you will always have clean, clear, odorless and free-stated ice to enjoy with your relatives and friends. Besides, no one can ensure the quality of the ice that you buy outside, whether it is made of fresh water, with clean container… Just you can make and serve the ice of best quality with your own portable ice maker.

4. Size and shape suitability:

You can own ice with different sizes and shapes with a portable ice marker. The size of the ice can be small, medium and large depend on your purpose of using. The shape of the ice can be: cube, dice cube, tube, nugget, crushed, flaked, gourmet. Cubed and crushed ice is popular with most portable ice makers at home and other shaped ice is made with more advanced types of portable ice maker used at events, cafes or restaurants. Different shapes of ice serve not only aesthetic purpose when drinking but also different purposes like cold storage or when using in health care and medical facilities.

5. Cost-saving:

Do you believe that you can save money with a portable ice maker? The price of a portable ice maker (See more portable ice maker reviews) is really reasonable. Besides, you can save a lot of money and thinking time as you do not have to buy expensive or price-floating ice at store. You also can save time to go to the store to pick up the ice while that ice is just an amount suitable to your container at your refrigerator and might not suitable to your servings. Just invest an amount at a time and have fresh ice whenever you want.

In general, let’s self-reward a portable ice maker in this modern and busy world. Whether you will use it residentially or commercially, it is reasonable, it does not take you much time maintaining with filter cleaning and it works for you in the long term.