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Golf GPS Watches For Ladies


“What is the difference between the golf GPS watch for men and for ladies?” – You may ask yourself this question if you are a man, who is trying to buy a golf GPS watch for your wife, or your girlfriend. Or maybe you are a lady who is looking for a suitable watch for yourself. So in this article, we will show you: what is the difference between a golf GPS watch for men and for ladies. And then we will recommend to you some golf GPS watches models, which are suitable for ladies. Keep reading!

The criteria of a good golf GPS watch for ladies

A good golf GPS watch for ladies must have the same essential functions as types for men. But, besides that, it must has two important criteria, which are especially reserved for ladies.

  • Delicate design: design styles are very important with ladies. A good golf GPS watch must has a delicate design which can show off the femininity of its owner. Its shape must be form by the soft curves, instead of rough shape as types for men. And its color is important too, a good golf GPS watch for ladies should have pink, violet or white… color to show the tenderness and sexiness of its owner.
  • Ease of use: the features and the interface of a good golf GPS watch for ladies must be easy to use. A man may feel interested in discovering a complicated device, but with woman, that is a disaster. So a golf GPS watch for ladies must have simple interface, but still have enough useful features to support its owner. And it should also take a short time to become familiar with it.

Some suitable models of golf GPS watch for ladies

Garmin Approach S1W:

This is a good golf GPS watch for ladies, due to its cute design, with the curves and white color. Besides that, it has a light weight, which will not make a female golf player feel tired when wearing it during a long day. This golf GPS watch also provides its owner an easy way to measure the distances in the course, and its friendly interface allows every ladies to look up the information of her shot easily. And one more thing we should mention, that it is waterproof, so you may not have to concern any more when wearing it out side.

Garmin Approach S2:

Garmin Approach S2 has a femininity design with violet color, which is very suitable for teenager or young ladies. And the highlight of this golf GPS watch is the outstanding features of it, with the huge memory of course, it can store more than 30.000 courses in all over the word. It is also integrated an accurate system to measure the shot, layup, dogleg… distances. Finally, a digital scorecard feature of it may help its owner to import her score easily, and after that, she can also print her scorecard, or review it conveniently by using a computer. It’s such a wonderful device!

Dream Sport DFG-1

golf gps

This is a delicate golf GPS watch of Dream Sport brand. With pink color and simple pattern, it is especially suitable with youthful and dynamic suit. It was integrated a memory with 64M bis capacity, which can store up to 4000 course maps. Its small size is also a highlight with female golf player. But the capacity of its battery is not “small” as its dimension, Its battery can sustain during 10 hours in playing mode, and 4 weeks in power saving mode, quite impressive, right? Finally, a waterproof design is also one of its advantages.

Garmin Approach S4

This is one of the blockbusters of Garmin brand. With a sophisticate and luxurious design, this golf GPS watch is suitable for all ladies. Its pure white color makes it becomes easily to fit with every kind of suit. This model of golf GPS watch impresses its user by a modern touch screen, and the resolution of it is higher than other contemporary models. Moreover, it makes the user feel comfortable with its simple design and they can control it easily. Another highlight of it is the feature of email notification and send out a text. Even though it was integrated a lot of advanced features, but it is not inferior than any other models about battery capacity, with ability to sustain continuously during 10 hours in GPS mode. And the huge memory of it, with capacity to store up to 30.000 courses, is the last thing we should mention. So wonderful, right?

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Through this article, we have recommended to you four models of best golf GPS watch, which are very suitable for ladies. So we think that you may feel easier to make decision. Just one more thing we should mention, that to make a good decision, you should consider between the features of a golf GPS watch and its price, then you could find a suitable one for yourself. Good luck!