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Making Homemade Camera Cabinet With A Dehumidifier

imagesThe photographers who own a camera though they are expensive or cheap, almost them has a concern about keeping away the moisture for “their child” to avoid the mold.

Mold is a type of bacteria and develops strongly in the environment which has a humidity of 60% or more. If it grows on the camera body, it will make the damp in the electric circuit and lead to the irregular movement, if this situation occurs for a long time, it can be broken. The fungus grows on the lens, it will be spotted as bamboo roots to make a bad image quality, or very growing dim, so, camera and lens must be saved in an environment which has humidity from 45% to 50%.To preserve the camera and its machine is not mold, the unique solution is using a cabinet to anti-moisture, however, no one can have much money to buy it for yourself. After that, I’ll instruct you how to design it from available and simple materials to make it handmade. Only some common items, we absolutely can do an anti-humidity box to keep a camera in the good condition.

Firstly, we need to have hygroscopic flour. This is silica gel particles which we can easily buy in our country. In the domestic, it has the form which is putted available box and divided into one compartment to contain water or moisture, just peeling and immediately using it. It is often called as a dehumidifier or moisture absorber and you can find easily in the normal supermarket.

Next, we also need a closing bucket – kind of key.  It can contain about 50-60-70 liters which are the most reasonable. If it is too big, it’ll get a lot of space and amount of hygroscopic flours. We need more a skid lump and put it under a box bottom to give a smooth machine, and do not slip objects

Putting flour moisture on inside the bucket

A device uses to measure a humidity which is used in this case a wireless temperature machine: it consists of 2 parts, one part sends information (Transceiver)and temperature will be attached into the trunk, another part is getting information (receiver) temperature / humidity will be left out  to easily view. Leaving part (transceiver), sends temperature, humidity information. Besides that, we can buy a kind of anti- moisture wire (Weather seal) that is made by Styrofoam to make a cover outline and to prevent moisture from the outside into the barrel through the  cover’s  gaps. That’s done it! It’s very simple, only needing some simple materials which easily find out in the stores, we can have a dehumidifier for our “darling camera” as we want.

If demand remains it still has the high humidity, you should buy a litter bit hygroscopic flour and put it on the box and wait at least 2-3 hours after putting hygroscopic flour put into the barrel to observe it effect. Wish you successful!